Professional Experience

2014-2018: Independent choreographer, teacher and movement researcher based in Heidelberg, Germany working in Co-production with EinTanzHaus Mannheim and Theater Felina-Areal.
2014-2016: Resident artist at Choreographisches Centrum Heidelberg.
2013-2014: ‘Artist in residence’ at Grand Theatre Groningen, the Netherlands.
2009-2012: Dancer with Club Guy and Roni, Directed by Guy Wiezman and Roni Haver in Groningen, the Netherlands.
2007-2013: Resident Choreographer, co-founder and Artistic Coordinator of Random Collision Groningen, the Netherlands.
2009-2010: House Choreographer and Artistic Associate of Noord Nederlandse Dans, Directed by Stephen Shropshire in Groningen, the Netherlands.
2005-2007: Dancer with NND/Galilidance, Directed by Itzik Galili in Groningen, the Netherlands.
2003-2005: Dancer with Inbal Pinto Dance Company, Directed by Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Pollak in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
2000-2003: Dancer with the Batsheva Ensemble Dance Company Directed by Ohad Naharin in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Choreographic Works:

– Sexless Babe: 60 min. (May 2018) Co-production with Karlstorbahnhof and the Queer-Festival Heidelberg.
 Lucky Bastards: 80 min. (December 2017) Co-production with EinTanzHaus Mannheim in cooperation with Theater Felina-Areal Mannheim.
– Boiling Cold: 60 min. (November 2016) Co-Production with Theater Felina-Areal Mannheim, theater festival Schwindelfrei Mannheim and Choreographisches Centrum Heidelberg.
– VORTEX: 20 min. (September 2016) ‘Think Big’ choreographic residency of the StaatsOper Hannover & the TANZtheater INTERNATIONAL festival Hannover, Germany.
The Players: 60 min. (April 2016) Co-Production with the Choreographisches Centrum Heidelberg and the Grand Theatre Groningen, the Netherlands. Awarded the Tanz- und Theaterpreis der Stadt Stuttgart und des Landes Baden-Württemberg 2017, including both the critics and the public prizes.
Out_Cry: 60 min. (December 2015) Commissioned by the PWST Krakow. Polish Golden Mask nomination – Ludwik Solski Academy of Dramatic Arts Krakow, Poland
Bliss: 20 min. (July 2014) OpenFLR in Florence, Italy
These feet were made for dancing: 30 min. (May 2014) created in collaboration with the choreographer and performer Keren Rosenberg as part of the UNBLOCKED project, Groningen, the Netherlands.
Yes coach/no coach/of course coach/shut-up coach: 30 min. (July 2014) performed by and specially made for Rain Leander as part the UNBLOCKED project, Groningen, the Netherlands.
The Herd: 25 min. (February 2014) MTD3, AHK Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Body Language: 20 – 90 min. (January, 2014) Performance installation commissioned by the Groninger Museum of modern art – Groningen, the Netherlands.
A little too close: 30 min. – full version, 12 min. – short version (November/December 2013) Co-Production of the Grand Theatre Groninen and Tanzhaus – Zurich.
Motiv/n/ation: 30 min. (June 2013) Poetic Disasters Club / Club Guy & Roni
Spinsels: 50 min. (March 2012) de Noorderlingen, the Netherlands.
God Bless: 20 min. (February 2012) A Random Collision Production.
HUNGER: 30 min. (May 2011) A Random Collision Production.
Synopsis: 45 min. (August 2010) A production of ‘Sasha Waltz and Guests’, in collaboration with the dancer Florencia Lamarca.
Do Not Press: 30 min. (June 2010) A Random Collision Production.
MEGA: 10 min. (March 2010) Fontys Dans Academie, Tilburg, the Netherlands.
April Aria: 20 min. (February 2010) Noord Nederlandse Dans, Groningen, the Netherlands
Big Enough Box: 70 min. (August 2009) A Random Collision Production.
Fantabulous: 10 min. (February 2009) Noord Nederlandse Dans. Groningen, the Netherlands.
MUM: 12 min. (November 2008) A Random Collision production, created in collaboration with the choreographer Jin-Yoeb Cha
Edna the Great – staring Edna Ben-Dover: 60 min. (October 2008) A Random Collision production.
BLINK: 60 min. (June 2008) Amateur dance production of Scala Hoogeveen.
Lets not and say we did: 12 min. (May 2008) ‘Codarts’ the Rotterdam Dance Academy. Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
My J.O.Y.: 30 min. (February 2008) Location Project and Dancefilm, a Random Collision production.
Sex Cells: 15 min. (June 2007) NND/Galilidance Groningen, the Netherlands.
Spleen: 10 min. (December 2005) A co-production of NND/Galilidance and the Suzanne Dellal center for dance in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
Kinky Love 4: 6 and 2 min. (December 2004) A production of Suzanne Dellal center for dance in Tel-Aviv, Israel, created in collaboration with the choreographer Talia Beck.
Yard: 10 min. (December 2003) Created for the young choreographers showcase in the Suzanne Dellal center for dance. Tel-Aviv, Israel.
Mother Tongue (Sienfeld Solo): 4 min. (December 2003) created for the young choreographers showcase in the Suzanne Dellal center for dance. Tel-Aviv, Israel.
Attempt: 10 min. (July 2002) Batsheva Dance Company. Created in collaboration with the actress Nysrin Kalifa.
Public Privacy: 8 min. (March 2000) Created for high school matriculation and presented in the Suzanne Dellal center for dance in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Special Projects:

– DUSK: Choreographic assistance for Dance Company Nanine Linning/Theater & Orchestra Heidelberg on the production ‘DUSK’ (September-November 2017)
– GUMMITWIST: Artistic Director and head mentor for the GUMMITWIST mentoring program for young choreographers at Theater Felina-Areal, Mannheim (April-May 2017)
#TVclericiDAE: mentoring, coaching and staging for the Design Academy Eindhoven’s performance at Design week in Milano, (March 2017)
– Khôra: choreographic assistance for Dance Company Nanine Linning/Theater & Orchestra Heidelberg on the production ‘Khôra’ (September-November 2016).
– Fest im Freien: Dramaturgy and coaching the choreographers Mike Planz and Maya Busse as part of the Fest im Freien festival at Theater Felina-Areal Mannheim 2016 (October 2016).
Prinzhorn: Dramaturgy and coaching the project of the Dance & Music Therapy department of the Heidelberg University (May 2016).
VIEL.ES: Outside-eye, dramaturgy and coaching for the ‘Bufo Makmal’ Collective (April 2016) at Roxy Theater Basel, Switzerland.
Placebo: Dramaturgy and outside-eye on the research project by Jasmine Ellis and Katrin Schafitel at Tanztendenz, Münich (February 2016).
Silver: choreographic assistance for Dance Company Nanine Linning/Theater & Orchestra Heidelberg on the production ‘Silver’ (September-November 2015).
ARTEZ Academy of Dance: external assessor and student mentor as part of the ‘Circle of Guides’ program, (2014 – 2017) Arnhem, the Netherlands.
ALL.ES: Outside-eye, dramaturgy and coaching for the ‘Bufo Makmal’ Collective (December 2014) at Südpol Luzern and Roxy Theater Basel, Switzerland.
UNBLOCKED: 12 piece installation exhibition (May 2014) Community cultural project inspired by LAMA in collaboration with the cross-media artist Francesca Bardaro. The exhibition took place in 6 different locations in Groningen, the Netherlands.
Body Language: performance installation (January 2014) installation expressing the power and beauty of the body, commissioned by the Groninger Museum of Modern Art.
&Dance: Dance on film program (August 2013) A trilogy program of short dance films emphasizing the role that dance plays in society. A collaboration with Cinedans and the Noorderzon performing arts festival.
Ensemble La Silva: Staging project (February 2013) In collaboration with the dancer Igor Podsiadly and the Baroque ensemble – Ensemble La Silva, directed and conducted by Nanneke Schaap.
The origin of pace: Coaching project (August 2012) coaching and assisting a multimedia project in collaboration with Format GAVA commissioned by the Noorderzon performing arts festival.
Dancing with style: Documentary film (July 2012) coaching and choreographic assistance for the documentary film of the director Xander de Boer.
Spotting the X-factor: Lecture series (May 2011) a collaboration with the neuro-researcher Emily S. Cross on action and perception.

Additional Choreographers I have worked with as a dancer:

– Dunja Jocic. (2009) ‘Not Me’ Grand Theatre, Groningen
– Jin-Yoeb Cha. (2008) ‘MUM’ Next Wave Dance Festival. Seoul, Korea.
– Fernando Martins. (2007, 2010) ‘Behind the Clothes’ Random Collision, Groningen
– Jussi Nousiainen. (2007) ‘Love’s Goddess sure is Blind’ Random Collision
– Corneliu Ganea. (2007) ‘Pockets of Happiness’, NND/Galilidance, Groningen
– Paul Selwyn Norton. (2007-2009) ‘A Year from Monday’ No Apologies, Dutch Tour and ‘Sect in Sect’ NND/Galilidance, Groningen.
– Mami Shimazaki. (2003) ‘Blue Wound’ Israel Tour and Tokyo, Japan.
– Sharon Eyal. (2003) ‘Static’ Curtain Up Festival, Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem.
– Ronit Ziv: (2002) ‘Undress’ Curtain Up Festival, Tel-Aviv.
– Emmanuel Gat: (2000) ‘Beasts’ Suzanne Dellal Center, Tel-Aviv.


1997-2000: The Wizo School of Performing Arts, Haifa, Israel.
1994-1997: The Reut School of Performing Arts, Haifa, Israel.
1989-1993: Santa Clara Ballet School, San Jose, California, U.S.A.
1989-1993: “Esprit de la Dans” Studio for dance, Cupertino, California, U.S.A.

Teaching Experience:

(Full teaching curriculum here)

2014-2018: Teaching workshops of own repertoire and choreographic practice.
2009-2018: Developing, guiding and teaching classes and workshops of Personal movement research – for non-dancers and dancers alike, Including incidental workshops and training classes worldwide.
2009-2013: Teaching repertoire workshops of works by Club Guy & Roni worldwide.
2005-2009: Teaching contemporary HipHop for ‘Urban Session’, the-UDC and ‘Lucia Marthas’ Dance Academy in Amsterdam and Groningen, the Netherlands.
2003-2005: Teaching GAGA Method in Israel.
2003-2005: Directed the B Academy course for Hip-Hop dance teachers in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
2000-2005: Teaching HipHop (open classes) at Studio B, Tel-Aviv, and Haifa, Israel

Additional Initiatives

2018: Founder of the Building-Actions program connecting professional dance making with the community.
2012-2018: Involved in productions as a coach and dramaturge.
2007-2018: Involved in special projects combining dance with other disciplines including science, film, media, academics and research
2015: Developed and curated the first Metropole Tanz Intensiv in Heidelberg, Germany
2007-2012: Co-founder and resident choreographer of the choreographic platform and research center ‘Random Collision’ in Groningen. Random Collision’s vision and goal is to create a platform and research center that develops young choreographers in a working method combining the audience in their creation processes.