Documentary film – Dancing with Style

In 2012, Edan was invited to coach and advise choreographically and cinematographically for the successful documentary film ‘Dancing with Style’ by the dutch filmmaker Xander de Boer,

Dancing with Style
Fourteen-year-old Eugène has been dancing since he was six. Not really something boys should be doing, at least, that’s what his classmates say. Although Eugène is bullied at school because he likes ballroom dancing, he won’t be put out of his stride. This year, he’s going to show the whole school that he’s a really good dancer and he won’t be put down. Will Eugène succeed in convincing his schoolmates that ballroom dancing isn’t silly? A film about Eugène dancing his way back to self-confidence.

In Stijl Dansen is geproduceerd door Hollandse Helden in samenwerking met de NCRV

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in stijl dansen

in stijl dansen