The Origin of Pace / Format GAVA

For Noorderzon festival 2012, Edan has been invited to coach and assist to the multimedia project  ‘The origin of pace’ in collaboration with Format GAVA.

The goal of the project was to combine video archives of the city of Groningen with live dance and video installation.

Concept, Dramaturgy and Video Editing: Francesca Bardaro, Sarah Janssen, Eleanor Grootoonk
Music: Gianni Bardaro
Dance and Coreography: Cinthya Oyervides
In collaboration with GAVA

The performance was based on the relationship between the movement of the human body and the repetitive dynamic of industrial machinery.
Human bodies are vibrating bodies in continuous interrelation with the outer world and the socio-cultural settlement. All the actions and daily movements of human body are controlled in their speed, rhythm, timing, and quality by the surrounding vibrational influences of our environment and culture.
In particular, during the industrial era, the industrial technologies typically involved visible movements of the human body, mechanized gestures, large cyclical and repetitive movements of workers. These performing movements considered the most alienating to the human condition. At the same time they have highlighted the potential and limitations of the human body throughout the history.