Big Enough Box

Big Enough Box


A Dance Concert stuck in a Box

Premiere August 23rd, 2009 – Noorderzon Festival, Groningen

Imagine you step into a world where anything is possible. A hidden society of characters who allow themselves to express and fulfill deep fantasies of their own wild imagination. Now imagine they invite you in…

Dance performed by: Genevieve Osborne, Jasmine Ellis, Eva-Maria Schaller, Milena Twiehaus
Music by Jean Parlette: Jos Blomsma, Laurens van der Meulen, David van Egmond, Suze Steemers

Composer: Jos Blomsma
Light Design: Otto Eggergsluss
Costumes: Eva Puschendorf
Sound: Loeki Wiefferink
Duration: 70 min.
A Random Collision Production