Edna the Great

Photo: Martijn Herber


Edna the Great

Premiere: October 23rd, 2008, Prinsentheater, Groningen

Edna the Great – Starring Edna Ben-Dover is a confronting physical theater production that emphasizes the effect of prejudice modern society. It is dangerous to dream. What happens when you dream so far, you end up convinced your dreams are your reality?

Performance: Edan Gorlicki (Edna Ben-Dover)
Rehearsal director & Coach: Gil Naveh (Galina Port des Bras)
Dramaturgy: Pieter Ruigrok van der Werve
Set design: Janco van Barneveld
Light design: Otto Eggergsluss
Special thanks: Kirsten Krans
Duration: 60 min

A Random Collision Production