Premiere September 4th, 2010 – Radial System Berlin

See your life as a flip-book, a collection of images that divide your life into chapters, and all you do is reflect. The only memorable connection you have with your past is a momentary atmospheric experience.

Synopsis is a solo work that attempts to capture moments from our past, recollecting emotions, feelings and states of mind in which we found ourselves back then. Looking back at our past experiences, we get a picture of the many sides of our personality. The piece is structured as a flip-book, a moving photo album that you open today but speaks of yesterday. How can we be present today and at the same time in touch with our past?
Concept: Florencia Lamarca & Edan Gorlicki
Performance: Florencia Lamarca
Duration: 50 min.
Special thanks to Arkadi Zaides
Supported by Sasha Waltz & Guests