‘The ability and authority to teach yourself’,

The basic interest and research in LAMA is to understand the relationship between movement and presence. The source of this study came from working with non-professional dancers in order to discover movement from a more natural approach and implement it into the “dancer’s” mind. LAMA focuses mainly on presence, body awareness, and studying personal qualities, and at the same time building stamina, form and control.

The class is structured as guided improvisation and includes technical exercises implemented into the momentary tasks. LAMA brings into consciousness our connection as humans to our physicality, imagination, senses, observation skills and fun. LAMA is very much inspired by the methods and techniques that come from Edan’s professional experience including GAGA, Ballet, Cunningham, Fascia Therapy but mainly common sense.

The workshop is a much deeper dive into LAMA as a self teaching method and not only as an experience. The workshop consists of LAMA class, discussions, experiments and personal (one on one) research of exploring how the method connects to the participants personality and daily life. In the workshop we can spend more time and depth on the separate elements in LAMA such as the System of 3, the Tools, the Alarm systems and the power of the Imagination.

LAMA was developed within the framework of the Random Collision working method.

Where can I take a LAMA class?