Understanding Conflict through Movement

PUSH & PULL is part of an ongoing artistic research on polarization supported by INTER-ACTIONS Heidelberg

PUSH & PULL is a workshop format that explores and experiments with non-verbal exercises embodying a deeper understanding of conflict and negotiation. The workshop is aimed at humanising the „other“. The goal is to relook at how we approach each other? How can we create common ground? How can we make conflict an opportunity? And how can we use our body and movement to better understand, in a creative way, the complexities involved in conflict? 

Against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine, the ongoing conflict over Israel/Palestine, and the recent escalation after the attack of Hamas on October 7th, 2023, the atmosphere in our society has shifted where tensions and insecurities in our interactions with one another are practically a norm. Increasing polarization in many areas is very noticeable. How we speak and deal with one another is alarming. This led me to question: How do we deal with polarisation as artists? How can we create and deepen connections at the regional level when they are overshadowed by complex international conflicts? How can we manage to use our toolkit of movement and artistic work to promote personal interactions and to create spaces where tensions and ambiguities are perhaps first revealed, but also endured? How can we make conflict an opportunity? How can we make this process as empathetic and humane as possible and offer an intimate setting using non-verbal means of communication?

If we are going to live together, we need to be able to be together.

PUSH & PULL Workshops are open to people of all ages with and without experience with dance. The workshops are especially effective for groups, collectives, work teams and colleagues, families, partners and individuals.