/ a series of Dance on Film

Noorderzon performing arts festival Groningen August 15.-25.

1st set: Mainstream &Dance
2nd set: Story &Dance
2rd set: Image &Dance

Choros_Michael Langan - Terah Maher

Choros_Michael Langan – Terah Maher


What is the potential in the relationship between dance and film? This has been the main interest for Groningen based choreographer Edan Gorlicki while programing this series. His aim is to introduce diverse perspectives on how we can utilize dance as an art form to communicate on various levels. Let him take you on a journey through movement and film that reveals what this relationship has to offer.

Mainstream &Dance – Dance is everywhere!
This 30 min. set of short films focuses on how dance can be a main factor of communication on a broad scale. With films ranging from youtube to high budget commercials, you can’t help but see how dance can take a role in all fields, cultures or genres.

Story &Dance – The silent scripts.
This 40 min. set of short films offers a variety of approaches to the term ‘story’. A film can tell a story and dance can tell a story but what story do you come up with when the combined narrative is offered but not necessarily explained? This time you can finish the story.

Image &Dance – It’s all about the form!
This 45 min. set of short films is all about aesthetics and how dance and the body can produce abstract form in motion. What do images tell us? Are they merely picturesque or can they touch or move us in the deeper sense?


Initiator and head programmer: Edan Gorlicki
Assistant programming: Marion Peoth
In collaboration with Cinedans