‘A little too close’ is the first part of an ongoing study on power and control. This duet takes place inside the line between two sides of a relationship. The work aims to suggest the existence of an unknown role-playing relationship. Who is in charge? Who is leading? Or more so, who is responsible?
For better and for worse, there is a layered cycle of patterns in our relationships. We need structure and control for clarity but this can easily become abusive and destructive. There is a fine line between healthy hierarchy and structure to horrifying abuse of power. This thin line separates positive leadership with intimidating hierarchal control and dictatorship. Can we find this fine line? understand it? and learn to not cross it? ‘A little too close’ is a study of this thin line.
Choreography: Edan Gorlicki
Performed by and created with: Mayke van Kruchten & Ilija Surla
Also performed by: Zoe Gyssler & Evandro Pedroni
Music:The Police / Sting
Lighting design: Jan Fedinger
Fashion: Jan Boelo
Sound: Martin Lambeek
Dramaturgy: Julia Heinrichs
Coaching: Andrea Boll
Co-Production: Grand Theatre Groningen
Supported by: Grand Theatre Groningen, Tanzhaus-Zeurich and the platform 5MIN.20MAX.
Special thanks: Kirsten Krans, Jasmine Ellis, Ana-Maria Marin, Jochen Stechmann, Teresa Vittuci, Susanne Affolter, the Tanzhaus-Zeurich team and Sebastian Geiger.
Duration: Full version – 30 min / Short version – 12 min.
Previous Performances:
November 11 & 12, 2016: @ Tanz Karlsruhe festival, Karlsruhe / Germany
July 3, 2016: @ Freier Tanz im Delta festival, Mannheim / Germany
July 1, 2016: @ Julidans Festival, Amsterdam / the Netherlands
December 18, 2015: @ Tanz.Tausch Festival, Köln / Germany
October 9 – 10, 2015: @ Perform NOW! Festival, Winterthur / Switzerland
October 3 – 4, 2015: @ InciDanse Festival, Fribourg / Switzerland
October 2, 2015: @ Moving Meetings – Nederlandse Dansdagen, Maastricht / the Netherlands
May 8, 2015: @ Dance NOW International Frontiers Festival, Leicester / U.K.
April 15 – 16, 2015: @ DanceFest Skopje / Macedonia
September 14, 2014: @ Korzo Theater, The Hague / the Netherlands
December 20, 2013: @ Grand Theatre Groningen / the Netherlands
December 12, 2013: @ Melkweg Theater Amsterdam / the Netherlands
November 24 – 30, 2013: as part of platform 5MIN.20MAX @ Tanzhaus-Zürich / Switzerland