BLISS is the third part of an ongoing study on Power and Control. BLISS challenges the power of will. With determination, discipline, effort and dedication: The body, the soul, the mind and everything connecting can reach unimaginable heights, possibilities and achievements. What happens when you give in to will power? What kind of surprises are there for you when you push further then your perceived limits? Perhaps the journey towards that edge is the ecstatic feeling of satisfaction that we crave when we dream, not the edge itself. On the way, perhaps you might experience a moment of BLISS.

Choreography: Edan Gorlicki
Performers and co-creators: Giulia Piana, Elvira Boccia, Valerio Bellini
Music: The Field
Production: OpenFLR
Created as part of the OpenFLR Summer Intensive in Florence, Italy in 2014.
Special Thanks to: Valeria Cosi, Giacomo Della Marina, all the participants of the Summer Intensive and especially to Vivian.

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