Diving the Yongala

As part of the evening TANZ PUR 4 of the Ballett Pforzheim directed by Guido Markowitz, Edan Gorlicki stages his production DIVING THE YONGALA with a full company cast. The performance takes place in the Gasometer Pforzheim – a gigantic 360 degree round space presenting an incredible backdrop painting of the Great Barrier Reef.
The famous S.S. Yongala passenger and cargo ship sank in 1911 in the Great Barrier Reef off the Australian coast. This performance enhances the contradicting duality of the tragic history of the shipwreck and the beauty of life it created deep down in the ocean. Diving the Yongala is an immersive installation performance that invites the public to explore. The performance is different for every audience member based on where they choose to explore and what they find (like divers in the ocean). The performance reenacts the publics voyage exploring the shipwreck. The performers represent the lost souls/spirits of the people who perished during the disaster, physically exploring themes of death, tragedy and being left behind but also lost stories and lives untold. The impressiveness of the Gasometer and the the 360˚ painting represents the current beauty and rich ecosystem of the life created from the tragedy.
10.05.2019 @ 20:00 PREMIERE!
12.05.2019 @ 20:00
18.05.2019 @ 20:00
25.05.2019 @ 20:00
31.05.2019 @ 20:00
02.06.2019 @ 20:00
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