Premiere March 7th, 2012 – Grand-Theatre Groningen

Do you think you see exactly what I see?
Misunderstandings are the core of the painful, funny and bizarre situations that put together the physical theater production Spinsels – performed by the theater group De Noorderlingen. Spinsels is a performance in which short scenes are woven together by a web of hungry humor with a good dose of essential humanity and unexpected twists.
Performed by the actors of De Noorderlingen 
Nick Kamerling, Mark Middel, Claudine Pantophlet, Nathalie Roux, Kaz Schonebeek, Niki Verkaar, Casper Wortmann
Lighting Design: Maarten Otten
Costume Design: Koen Jantzen
Duration: 60 min.
A production of De Noorderlingen in co-production with the Grand-Theatre Groningen